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  1. Gain an understanding of the role
    Before applying for any pharmaceutical industry position, make sure you do some research to better understand the role, the associated responsibilities and how it differs from other positions.

A scientific advisor works within the pharmaceutical industry and is not directly patient-facing or on the frontline, nor do they provide advanced services or advice on minor ailments. However, the role is similar to community and hospital pharmacy where all activities are highly patient focused, conducted with professionalism, and require effective leadership and professional judgement to deliver on main performance indicators.

Scientific advisors perform extensive appraisals of medicines product information and provide their professional opinion to various internal cross-functional working groups to support the delivery of various projects. In general, the function supports the Medical Affairs department with all relevant scientific activities relating to appropriate generation and dissemination of relevant pre-clinical, clinical and economic data in a specific therapeutic area.

We also carry out more specific activities which are highly dependent on which cross-functional therapy team an individual works in; for example, drug development, current product licence status or global business strategy.

Scientific advisors are governed by The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) who set industry standards and regulations.

  • Acute Inflammation
  • Chronic Inflammation