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Home/Group Medical Checkup/Screening Program

Price – Minimum starting from 50,000 MMKs and varies depending on the condition & number of people.

For a client who needs a medical checkup for itself, the family, or their organization, professional doctor teams are available for the medical checkup program.

Please make an appointment request in the following.

  • Can get home/group medical checkup program for your family or your organization.
  • MyanCare Home/Group HealthCare Network Service is the appointment-based system.
  • First, you query for an appointment.
  • We will call back to you and confirm for the appointment with the doctor team.
  • The call back is within 1 hour after we received the request from you, the customer.
  • The medical service team will do the medical checkup service at the appointed date and time.
  • Payment process is flexible – advance/COD.
  • Total payment will know in advance before the service and there may have slight variation after the service.
  • Clear information input is requested to experience the best service.

“Your Health is our concern”

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