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Refund Policy

The Refund Policy governs your use of myancare mobile application and website provided by Myacare (or referred to as “Us”,“We”, and “Our” ). Myancare application users are referred to as “You” or “the Users” or “the user”. You shall agree Refund Policy if you use Myancare application. Please read refund policy carefully.

Myancare is the digital product app which delivers telemedicine and healthcare services through digital platforms. Myancare created its own digital wallet for registered account users. You need to register your Myancare Account to use our platform. When you register Myancare account, we will ask you to provide your valid phone number and your personal basic information. The registered user have to top up or recharge their app wallet enough for bookings and appointments.

Price and Payments

Prices include consultation fee and service fee in local currency displayed on application. Consultation Fees can vary on doctors and the service price can always change according to the company’s policy. There are many payment methods of local banking that we accept to top up your wallet.

Getting Booking Appointments and Cancellation

You must ensure that you have sufficient balance in your wallet to get booking appointment. The invoice will be seen in booking process to make payment from your wallet. We will deduct consultation fee in advance once you make booking transaction whether the doctor accept your booking appointment or not. You can cancel your booking before the doctor accept your appointment. But once the doctor accept your appointment, you cannot cancel your booking.

Return and Refund

If you or the doctor cancel your booking appointment, we will refund into your wallet for cancellation. The refund transaction will be displayed in your wallet. You can top up or recharge your app wallet in many payment methods as much as you need. But we will not take cash out of your digital wallet and you also will not be able to take cash out of it. We will not refund for package buying or one time subscription.

Please note that the wallet balance of Myancare is applicable to use only for Myancare healthcare services.

Contact Us

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the refund policy, please contact us by mail or customer service via +959 799 115 566