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MyanCare was founded by the respected and admirable professors of Myanmar medical profession field.

A felicitous combination of medical profession and technological profession working in a rhythmic synergy.

The tech professionals, specialized in technical know-how, are supporting the doctors of respective medical specialty and thus together providing efficient quality health care services.

In this era of ICT (Information & Communication Technology). we indeed blieve that we can uttely provide productive solutions for Myanmar.

Our Vision

The vision of MyanCare is to provide healthcare services for the general public in a convenient, easy accessible and cost-efficient way. MyanCare aims to offer the value-added services for people in Myanmar who endure with limited access to healthcare because of the insufficient doctor/patient ratio.

Our Mission

With the motto of “Health Network for a Simpler Way to Communicate”, MyanCare is shaping the future of country’s healthcare network by developing the biggest digital platform where we can reach to the ultimate goal of national healthcare coverage in Myanmar

What We Offer

MyanCare offers the best quality, simple and affordable healthcare services by holding – the motto of “Health Network for A Simpler Way to Communicate”.  “Healthcare through technology” is what MyanCare team strongly believed and implementing day by day.

Currently, MyanCare is running two main healthcare services.

Our Action

For Doctor

Giving our doctors the capacity to produce in a more efficient way.

  • Doctors can do consultations from anywhere within the mobile internet.
  • Can follow-up the patients from anywhere within the mobile internet.
  • Help more patients without geographical limitations.

For Patient

Giving our people a chance to get medical access at any time, from anywhere.

  • People can get medical advice from anywhere within the mobile internet.
  • Can find nearby doctors, clinic or hospitals and their information.
  • Can get the medical history, recommendation, and further management via secure online.

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