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Getting healthcare at home with an online doctor appointment is convenient for social distancing, or if you’re short on time, transportation problems.

Get the finest and affordable healthcare service through Myancare mobile application.

The comprehensive healthcare service where you can consult with more than 300 general practitioners and specialists anytime and anywhere at your fingertips.

Online Clinic and healthcare service

Myancare is Virtual Clinic for everyone. Get healthcare services easy from the comfort of your home. Myancare doctors can provide you with medical advice and fill prescriptions through virtual doctor visits. Time Saving, Easy of Access and Less Effort.

Video Consultation

Meet your doctor with video chat call through Myancare Application

Voice Consultation


Consult with your doctor with voice call through Myancare Application.

Text / Chat Consultation


Private conversations with your doctor through Myancare Application.

Meet the experienced general practitioners and specialists on Myancare platform.

There are 300+ general practitioners and specialists who are well experienced and trustworthy on healthcare service industry. The medical professionals and doctors on our platform cover various topics from general health problems to child health, nutrition, and skin diseases.

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