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B2B Packages for SMEs and Coperates
Embark on a transformative healthcare journey with MyanCare's comprehensive B2B initiatives which are crafted for diverse companies and organizations.
We have the exclusive B2B Packages: Leader's RISE & WISE Program and Employee Wellness Program which can enhance the wellbeing of both leaders and employees and nurture healthy habits. These affordable packages are crafted to meet the diverse needs of companies and their workforce, streamlining healthcare processes and enhancing overall productivity.
RISE & WISE Healthcare Package
In today's fast-paced environment, ensuring the mental and physical fitness of individuals is paramount for sustained productivity. MyanCare Telemedicine offers a specialized program known as the RISE & WISE Program, tailored to enhance the mental and physical health of leaders throughout the year. This program provides exclusive access to consultations with psychologists, psychiatrists, and nutritionists. Given the challenges faced by individuals in their day-to-day lives, particularly in the current uncertain circumstances, our WISE & RISE Program is designed to support leaders in maintaining optimal well-being.
Yin Thway B2B Package ( 24hr/7 Yin Thway Call Center )
Our B2B Program features the YinThway Maternal and Child Call Centre, offering expert child health guidance, and the innovative YinThway School Medical Team. We bring quality, affordable healthcare services directly to preschools, private, and international schools across Myanmar. Partnerships are core to our mission, enabling us to provide engaging health talks and on-site health check initiatives in schools, fostering proactive health practices among children.
Contact Person
Dr. Aung Kyaw Zaw
Business Development Manager
Healthcare Solution Software System
We specialize in designing, developing, and implementing custom software solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare organizations, providers, and patients by leveraging our expertise in software development and healthcare domain knowledge, to deliver innovative and efficient software solutions. There are what we offer the comprehensive healthcare solutions services,
Custom Software Development: We create custom solutions such as web applications and mobile applications to address specific needs and challenges faced by healthcare organizations. This includes electronic health record (EHR) systems, practice management software, telemedicine platforms, clinical management systems, office approval systems, and more.
User Experience (UX) Design: User-friendly interfaces are essential for healthcare software to enhance usability and efficiency for healthcare providers and staff. Healthcare software houses prioritize UX design to create intuitive interfaces that streamline workflows, reduce cognitive load, and improve overall user satisfaction.
Security and Data Protection: Given the sensitive nature of healthcare data, security is paramount in healthcare software development. We employ robust security measures, such as encryption, access controls, audit trails, and regular security assessments, to protect patient data from unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats.
Continuous Support and Maintenance: After deploying a healthcare software solution, ongoing support and maintenance are essential to address issues, apply updates, and ensure optimal performance. A reputable healthcare software house provides comprehensive support services, including troubleshooting, software updates, and technical assistance to resolve issues promptly and minimize downtime.
Contact Person
Gam Shawng
Senior Product Manager
Build your Brand with MyanCare
MyanCare, a digital healthcare organization, is willing to create a reputation and develop the brand together with its strategically partnered organizations.
We've expanded our pharmaceutical branding and advertising program through the MyanCare App, utilizing App Banners, and across various Social Media Platforms including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Viber. Our program caters to two distinct categories: Over the Counter (OTC) products and Prescription-only medicines. For OTC products, we leverage our own social media advertisements on multiple platforms, engaging a wide audience and fostering customer interaction. Additionally, we offer customized programs tailored to the specific needs of our partner pharmaceutical companies. On the Prescription-only medicines side, we collaborate with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), often esteemed professors and experts to conduct health talk series. We also organize webinars, providing a platform for doctors to attend and actively engage in therapeutic discussions. This multi-faceted approach ensures a comprehensive and targeted strategy for promoting both OTC and Prescription-only medicines, contributing to the success of our pharmaceutical advertising initiatives.
Join us in shaping the success of pharmaceutical advertising initiatives and positioning your brand for maximum impact within the dynamic healthcare landscape. Take the lead in redefining your brand narrative by partnering with us today!"
Contact Person
Chit Su Hlaing
Business Development Manager
Healthcare Collaboration with NGO
In 2020, MyanCare collaborated with Prudential Myanmar Insurance Company to improve healthcare access in Myanmar. Through the “PRUCare” program, 5,000 individuals that were identified under the program such as teachers, social workers, security personnel and janitors, received unlimited free voice and video healthcare consultations facilitated through the MyanCare App. Subsequently in 2021, we worked together with Population Service International (PSI) Myanmar, to provide 24/7 teleconsultation services to improve the knowledge and health seeking behavior of pregnant women and mothers of under 5 children by implementing High Impact (HI) MNCH Project in the targeted townships in Yangon, Ayeyarwaddy and Bago regions while lessening their inconvenience and financial burden borne by healthcare cost. In 2022, we have been granted by Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) - ACCESS 2021 Program and provided free virtual healthcare services for primary healthcare, maternal and child healthcare service through MyanCare app and Yin Thway call center for one year.
We invite NGOs/Funding Organizations/Corporations to collaborate with us for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities aimed for the vulnerable population especially for those who lived in rural and underserved areas with limited healthcare access. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need. Join us in our commitment to creating a better future for all.
Contact Person
Dr. Su Hnin Cho 
Head of Business Development